How to Record Calls on an iPhone?

Record Calls on an iPhone

iPhones are capable of many things, but cannot natively record a call. Apple does not offer this function on iPhones, Check this so we have to resort to other methods to record a call. We can use one of the many apps in the App Store to record calls, or some other interesting trick.

Record Calls on an iPhone

Therefore, there are call recorders for the iPhone, some of them free, but it is not something that we can do on the iPhone natively. We have compiled the best apps from the App Store to record calls from the iPhone, and also a trick to do it in any other circumstance and record an iPhone call without an app.

What is the Best Application to Record Calls on iPhone?

Before you start, you should know how these types of applications work to record calls on the iPhone since they all do it in the same way. Its operation is based on adding a third party to the call, who will be the one to record it. That third party is a number from the app itself, from which you can later download and listen to the recording of the call.

Therefore, the system is complex to use, although the applications have a complete tutorial so that you can understand the steps to follow. In addition, due to this complexity, most applications are paid or subscribed, although some allow you to record a series of free calls per month.

How to Record Phone Calls on iPhone

Among all the apps to record calls, the best call recorder for iPhone is TapeACall: Record Calls. The first because it is a service that works in many countries, and the second because it is an app with a long history that has been in the App Store for many years.

Apps to record call on the iPhone

In the App Store, we have numerous applications to record calls, they all work more or less the same using the same system that we have explained above. These are the most recommended apps to record calls from the iPhone.

Record iPhone calls without app

If this method does not convince you, you can opt for another simpler and more manual, but you will need another device. An iPad, another iPhone, or even the Apple Watch is perfect, although any device with an app to record voice memos will work. Follow these steps to record a call on your iPhone without using an app:

  • On another iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or device, launch the Voice Notes app.
  • On your iPhone, dial the number and start the call.
  • Tap Speaker and activate handsfree on the iPhone.
  • Turn up the volume of the iPhone so that there are no problems and it records correctly.
  • Bring both devices closer so that everything can be heard well.
  • Try to be in a quiet place so that it can be recorded well.
  • For recording when the call ends.

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