What Are the Orange and Green Dots on an iPhone or iPad?

Orange and Green Dots on an iPhone

Privacy has always been in Apple’s DNA and, unlike other companies, Apple cares a lot about the management of your data. Each iOS app must request individual access to aspects as important as the camera or the microphone, and precisely for this reason the latest versions of iOS include an indicator in the form of an LED.

What Are the Orange and Green Dots on an iPhone


If you’ve been using your iPhone for a while, you’ve probably noticed a small colored dot that appears in the upper area. This small indicator is designed so that you can automatically know if an application has recently accessed privacy-sensitive functions such as the camera or the microphone.

What does the color dot mean on the iPhone?

This little green or orange dot is simply there to indicate that the app you are using is accessing the camera or microphone. There are apps that need this access to function correctly, but there are others that do not need it and this indicator will help you control these apps.

What does the green dot of the iPhone mean?

The green LED that appears in the upper area of ​​the iPhone means that the app that you have open is accessing the camera, although the camera does not necessarily appear on the screen. When you exit the app, if you slide the control centre down, you will see which app has specifically accessed the camera.

What does the orange dot on the iPhone mean

Orange and Green Dots on an iPhone

The orange led point that appears on the iPhone in the upper area indicates that an app is accessing the microphone. That is, if you have sent an audio message on WhatsApp or are calling, you will see this small orange dot above. If you slide the Control Center, you will see which app has accessed the microphone.

Can the Green or Orange dot be removed from the iPhone?

If you are wondering how to remove the orange or green paint from the iPhone, you should know that it is something that is not possible. It is a security implementation of the operating system and there is no way to disable it.

In a way it makes sense, this color point on the iPhone hardly bothers us and is a very interesting indication that can help us in case an app accesses such sensitive functions as the camera or the microphone without our permission.

If you want to verify the permissions to which each app has access, you must go to Settings> Privacy. There you can see different options, Camera, Microphone, Bluetooth, and by entering each section you can give the apps access to this function of your iPhone or remove the permission.

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