How To Get Lower Ping for Online Gaming

Lower Ping for Online Gaming

It is useless to have a PC with the latest hardware on the market, an ergonomic chair for gamers, and the trendy game installed with all the necessary patches and updates to play online if your Internet connection is not up to scratch. And I’m not just talking about speed, which also matters. In addition to a fast connection, you should ensure that the ping is low with a speed test. Something that will not take you too long.

Lower Ping for Online Gaming

By now you should be familiar with the concept of ping, latency, or lag. All three words refer to the same thing: the time it takes for a data packet to travel from your computer or game console to the game server. Low lag or ping will allow you to play online in real-time. In contrast, high latency will cause other players to move slowly or do weird things. At worst, the game becomes unbearable.

And what does a speed test have to do with your connection’s ping? Although there is not necessarily a direct relationship between speed and ping or latency, it is true that faster connections perform better in this regard. Come on, it is better to have fiber optics than ADSL. On the other hand, practically all the speed tests that you will find online include, along with speed, other data such as ping.

What is the ideal ping to play online?

Before recommending some other speed test or speed test, it is convenient to know what is the value we are looking for if we are talking about test, lag, or latency. We know what it is, we know it should be as low as possible, but what numbers can we move between to say that the ping is low or high?

Experts often say that below 20 ms or milliseconds you have a very good ping. However, below 60 or 100 ms we can speak of an acceptable ping. That is, we should be able to lower than 20, but if we are between 60 or 100 it is not so bad either. Of course, the ideal would be not to exceed 150 milliseconds. When we exceed this figure, the desynchronization between what we see on the screen and what is happening is such that it will be very difficult for us to play online.

good internet speed for gaming

To understand the importance of ping or lag in online games like Fortnite or League of Legends, you just have to think about the dynamics of those games. They consist of facing a rival in real-time. How quickly you react to an opponent’s attack or movement influences your victory or defeat. That is, if you are slower than your enemy, you will surely lose.

This speed of response begins with yourself, continues on your game controller, and, finally, ends on the computer, smartphone, video game console, or any device to play online. The longer it takes for your game actions to be sent and received, which is translated into data packets sent at high speed, the longer it takes your characters to react in-game. A speed test will solve our doubts.

Hence the ping or latency is measured in milliseconds. We are talking about a very sensitive concept that, as we have seen, moves in bands of tens of milliseconds.

A speed test to measure ping

On the Internet, you will find a multitude of tools to do a speed test on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or video game console. There are them for all tastes, both via the web to use from your browser and in the form of a mobile application. Let’s see the most remarkable ones.

Ping Test check my ping

Movistar speed test: free, without registration and you can use it as many times as you want. In a few seconds, you will know the upload and download speed, your public IP, and the Ping and Jitter figures.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčtest: its name is simple, but as a speed test tool it allows us to choose the server with which we will do the test. To choose between several servers and cities. You will get upload, download, IP, and Ping.

Speedtest: another practical speed test that makes it easy for us to change servers to check how well your connection is performing with different geographical points. In addition to the web, it has apps for iOS, Android, and Apple TV.

FAST: we owe this speed test to Netflix. He created it so that we know if we can enjoy his service without cuts and with the best image quality. When doing the test, you must click on More information to see the latency. It also has mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Movistar mobile applications will also help you to know if the speed and latency are good on your wireless connection or on your mobile data plan. Both Smart WiFi and Mi Movistar. Both are free and available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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