How Siri Works on a Mac? Everything You Need to Know

How Siri Works on a Mac

Siri is a wonderful virtual assistant that is not only present in products like iPhone and iPad, but also in other devices such as Macs, Apple TV, or even the HomePod smart speaker. Despite the great controversy caused by the intrusion into the privacy of users when using the Apple assistant, Siri is the perfect solution to take full advantage of all the advantages that your device can offer and over the years it has been acquiring more and more functions, proactivity and knowledge based on artificial intelligence.

How Siri Works on a Mac

Users who venture to use the benefits of Siri in an Apple product will have the possibility of using voice commands to automatically execute actions such as opening applications, setting reminders, receiving map directions, sending messages, knowing weather information, searching on the Internet, turn on the lights in your home … among many others. It is simply amazing what you can do, as a user, with a simple voice command. This was practically unthinkable just over a decade ago!

Siri is currently available on the following Apple computers and devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod touch
  • Apple Watch
  • AirPods
  • Apple TV
  • HomePod

In this guide, we will show you, step by step, how to configure the most important Siri options on macOS and we will help you make the most of Apple’s virtual assistant on your Mac.

Siri: Learn how to set up your virtual assistant

Before starting to learn how to use Siri for your most urgent needs, it is advisable to access the configuration section of Apple’s voice assistant to improve its efficiency. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Press the apple logo on the taskbar.
  • Select “System Preferences”.
  • Click on «Siri».
  • A pop-up window will appear from which you can configure various aspects of Siri and how it works on your Mac.

At the top of the configuration section, we find a function to activate “Hey Siri.” This functionality will allow you to activate the assistant with your voice, without having to press any button. In addition, it is an extremely easy function to configure. You will only have to repeat “Hey Siri” a couple of times for the assistant to detect and recognize your voice, as well as repeat a couple of very common voice commands.

How to Use Siri on a Mac

The next function offers you to continue using Siri even if your Mac screen is locked. Just below we have one of the most important configuration options: you can choose a keyboard shortcut to activate Siri.

Among other settings, you can also change the voice – male or female – and the Siri language, activate voice responses, delete history, suggestions or show the assistant in the menu bar.

Finally, if for any reason Siri does not work correctly, it is best to check well if you have set the language “Spanish (Spain)” in the configuration options. If you still have problems with the virtual assistant of the company with the bitten apple logo, we recommend restarting your computer.

Siri is already configured, now … how to activate the assistant?
There are multiple methods to activate Siri on an Apple Mac computer. Obviously, this will also depend on the version of macOS that your computer operates or what Mac model you use (iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.

You can activate Siri using these methods:

  • Use the “Hey Siri” function (Compatible devices).
  • Press the Siri button on the Touch Bar (MacBook Pro).
  • Use the shortcut “command + space” that comes by default.
  • Click on the Siri button in the upper right corner of the taskbar.

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