Clubhouse: How to Create a Club in The App

How to Create a Club on Clubhouse App

The clubhouse has come to change social media as we know it. Instead of being a social network where the image is what matters most, at Clubhouse the important thing is our voice, our opinions and our knowledge, and exchanging them with other users.

How to Create a Club on Clubhouse App

The clubhouse is divided into rooms and clubs, creating a room is very simple, however creating a club is somewhat more complex, especially since the app is still in an initial phase and the clubs are still somewhat experimental.

What is a club in the Clubhouse?

A clubhouse can be defined as a community where people can have fascinating conversations with other users who share similar interests, activities or identities. And to find these users, we can join or create a club, something similar to Facebook groups with users related to the identity of the club.

The founders of the club have the role of managers and have the ability to decide who can be added to a club, while members and moderators have the responsibility to nominate others to join the club, but will managers will have the last word.

Only founders can add or remove members, and they can create public and private rooms for their followers to come together to talk and exchange views. If you are a fan of the club, you will receive a notification when one of these rooms is created.

In the search tab, you can find both people and clubs, you have two search tabs. When you find a club you want to be part of, you must click on Follow and wait for them to add you to the club.

How to create a club in Clubhouse

Surely this is a function that changes as updates appear, but at the moment creating a club is not intuitive since it is a function, for the moment, experimental. Each user can only create one club, which must be authorized manually.


To create a club in the Clubhouse you must follow these steps:

  • Enter the Clubhouse and click on your profile.
  • Now tap on the settings wheel.
  • Tap on FAQ / Contact Us.
  • A tab will open in Safari with information about the app.
  • Locate the option How can I start a club? and click on the triangle on the left.
  • Here they inform you of the work they are doing with the clubs and at the end, there is an option to request a club.
  • Click here and a questionnaire will open in which you must fill in different parameters.
  • Club name, description, your username, email and a few more things.

You should also know that due to the high volume of requests, these are approved in batches from time to time. That means if you submit a club request today, you may have to wait a bit before it’s available in the Clubhouse.

Clearly, this function will change shortly and it will be easier to create Clubhouse clubs from the application itself, but at the moment, this is the only way to create a Clubhouse club.

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